Serbia’s Climate Talks

Climate-smart Partnerships in the Decade of Action


Date: 31th October 2022

Time: 09.30 – 15.40

Venue: Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade (conference room “White Pearl”), Boulevard Mihajla Pupina 10k

Registration is required
Participation is free of charge.

Ahead of COP26, this event will focus on how to transform climate ambitions into actions while fostering efficient and inclusive options as part of the transition to a new climate economy.

The Goals of the Event is to present Serbia’s increased climate ambition and related climate actions and initiate a stakeholders’ dialogue. Conclusions and recommendations of the Dialogue will be reflected in Serbia’s climate ambition, as appropriate.

The “Serbia’s Climate Talks” will seek responses to the four major questions concerning the goals of the CoP26:

  • How do we achieve decarbonization targets?
  • How can we make our communities and natural capital resilient to climate change?
  • How to mobilize financing for climate actions?
  • How to ensure collaboration between stakeholders in the decade of action?

UNFCCC 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) planned for November 2021 in Glasgow is the most important meeting since CoP21 when Paris Agreement was adopted.

In this Decade of Action, it is expected from all countries to turn their climate ambitions into immediate actions, to forge climate-smart partnerships in achieving the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 C degrees above pre-industrial levels.

With adoption of the Climate Change Law, the Republic of Serbia made important step towards low-carbon development, setting a clear trace for the transformation of its economy. New, revised and more ambitious NDC is setting the roadmap for decarbonization till 2030 and beyond.

UNDP’s Climate Promise is the world’s largest offer of support for countries to enhance their pledges (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. In collaboration with over 35 partners globally, UNDP is helping 118 countries to be bolder in reducing emissions, increasing resilience, and protecting nature.

UNDP’s Climate Promise is offering five service lines for NDC enhancement including: (i) building political will and societal ownership at national and sub-national levels; (ii) reviewing, aligning, and updating existing targets, policies and measures; (iii) incorporating new sectors and/or greenhouse gases; (iv) assessing costs and investment opportunities; and (v) monitoring progress and strengthening transparency.

Climate talks video

Conclusion-Climate talks


09:30 – 10:10

Opening (40 min)


    • Ms. Irena Vujović, Minister of Environmental Protection
    • H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Nasr, Chief Negotiator of the Presidency for COP 27 and Director of Environment and Sustainable Development at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt
    • Ms. Francoise Jacob, UN Resident Coordinator
    • H.E. Ambassador Emmanuel Giaufret, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Moderator: Ms. Ivana Milenković

10:10 – 10:30

Media Statements

10:30 – 11:10

High-level Panel: International European framework guiding climate actions

Introduction: Mr. Yakup Beris, UNDP Resident Representative in Serbia

    • Ms. Sandra Dokić, Ministry of Environmental Protection
    • H.E. Ambassador Bassel Salah, Embassy of Egypt in Serbia
    • Mr. Antoine Avignon, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia
    • Ms. Nina Glišić, UNICEF Youth Representative

Moderator: Ms. Ivana Milenković

PART I: Increasing Serbia’s Climate Ambition through decarbonization and resilience

11:10 – 12:20

Serbia’s Climate Ambition: National determined contribution (NDC), Low carbon development strategy (LCDS) and National energy and climate plan (NECP) in the context of just green transition

    • Ms. Sandra Lazić, Ministry of Environmental Protection
    • Mr. Boris Ilijevski, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia
    • Ms. Natalija Ostojić, UN Women
    • Ms. Laura Marie, French Development Agency
    • Mr. Matej Gasperič, Expert
    • Mr. Janko Jaćović, UNICEF Youth Representative

Moderator: Mr. Žarko Petrović, UNDP, Serbia

12:20 – 13:00

Lunch Break


Climate change adaptation and resilience panel

    • Ms. Ana Repac, Ministry of Environmental Protection
    • Mr. Živko Babović, Ministry of Interior
    • Ms. Vedrana Ilić, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
    • Mr. Antoine Avignon, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia
    • Mr. Fabio Scano, WHO
    • Prof. dr. Vladimir Đurđević, Institute for Meteorology
    • Ms. Dunja Trifunović, UN Advisory Body Youth Representative

Moderator: Mr. Miroslav Tadić, UNDP, Serbia

14:10 – 14:20

Coffee break

PART II: Green Agenda for Green Businesses, innovative business solutions, green investments and green infrastructure

14:20 -15:30

Green Agenda - innovative business solutions, green investments and green infrastructure

    • Mr. Alessandro Bragonzi, European Investment Bank
    • Mr. Radman Šelmić, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
    • Mr. Milan Lakićević, UNDP Serbia
    • Мr. Rüdiger Hartmann, KfW
    • Mr. Milan Subotić, EBRD
    • Mr. Bojan Gligić, Esotron ltd.

Moderator: Mr. Radovan Nikčević, UNDP, Serbia

15:30 – 15:40

Summary and closing

Ministry of Environmental Protection, UNDP Serbia